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  • Individual sessions: These one on one sessions are available both in-person and via phone. In person sessions take place in my home office space in Boulder, CO. Sessions are between 60-70 minutes.  Please reach out to me directly to schedule complimentary phone call to learn more or to schedule a session. Investment: $175/session.

  • Learn to Journey: These workshops are a fun, collaborative way to learn how to journey on one’s own or to deepen one’s current journey practice in a group setting.  Groups can be made up of friends, book clubs, co-workers, or other configurations.  At this time, workshops are organized by request only.  Investment: varies depending on time required.


  • Family Journeys: These workshops are two hours and offer a brief overview of the Shamanic landscape and two short journey sessions to meet one's spirit guide.  There is time to share experiences as well.  These workshops can be in my home studio or in your own home.  Investment: $250

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