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Services are available for all age groups, including children, teenagers and young adults.

Dr. Bonetti’s work is beneficial for individuals who:

  •  desire to shift out of habitual patterns

  •  feel overwhelmed, scattered or drained and struggle to make decisions

  •  are at a plateau in their lives or in traditional therapy

  •  are curious about either Hypnosis, Buddhism or Shamanism

  •  looking for new strategies to manage stress, depression, anxiety or trauma

  •  struggling with chronic illness or pain

  •  seek a spiritual therapeutic environment



In Depth Hypnosis, individuals are gently guided to uncover and explore patterns or ways of being that formed as a way to navigate and mitigate life experiences.  Often times these patterns develop in childhood or young adulthood in response to particular life circumstances.  These patterns then become ingrained into our way of being- our way of interpreting experiences, integrating experiences and even in creating experiences.  Depth Hypnosis as taught by Isa Gucciardi, PhD, supports individuals to carefully examine old patterns while simultaneously discovering the freedom to create a new framework for understanding experience. This new framework leads to a greater sense of  integration, vitality and peace.


In Applied Shamanic Counseling, individuals learn how to work with the energy of their Higher Self to understand how to heal.  In spiritual traditions, imbalances manifest on different levels- spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.  By listening to drums and inducing a light trance, individuals can understand where and why they may be experiencing power loss or soul loss and then seek strategies to bring balance back into their lives.  ASC, as taught by Isa Gucciardi, PhD, blends traditional Shamanic practices with the modern understanding of psychology.  ASC empowers individuals to learn skills to deepen their relationship with themselves as well as the people and the environment around them.

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