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"Journeying with Tiphaine has been a mind-heart opening practice as well as a huge catalyst of deep inner change. While this form of psycho-spiritual work was new to me, Tiphaine was able to offer the appropriate rooting and background for the practice while selflessly guiding me into my inner world. Through this process, I have been able to access another world that has always felt super close but never tangible or accessible. Tiphaine is a gifted healer who comes to this work with great reverence, experience and love."

- Mary Ellen (Function Medicine Nurse Practitioner)

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"Journeying with Tiphaine’s guidance has offered me an opportunity to access a deeper part of myself and provided greater clarity in different areas of my life. Her ability to direct and ask questions that encourage new ways to think about things, has been instrumental in helping me align more fully with my life’s true purpose."

-Millicent (Development Director & Artist)

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